Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Importance of Fuel Injector Cleaning

The fuel injection system is considered one of the most worked sections of any vehicle. Of course, we all know that with constant mechanical movement comes wear-and-tear; and eventually, dirt. Fuel often leave behind deposits that may directly affect the engine’s overall efficiency, which can lead to significant drops in overall vehicle performance.
As the name suggests, the fuel injectors’ job is to squirt in a right amount of petroleum into the combustion chamber. However, high temperatures and variations in gas quality can clog injectors with wax, water, dirt, fuel additives, and carbon. These clogs work like blockades, preventing the injectors from pumping the right amount into the engine. And you know what that means – less fuel means less power, and the car might be wasting its supply without delivering enough thrust. That’s something you’ll definitely not want.
Keep your injectors clean either by having professionals look at it, or by using specialized injector cleaning solutions. Such additives are ideally used along with routine vehicle maintenance, done every 5,000 miles. Most products are designed to effectively remove clogs like carbon, gum, and varnish. Once fuel goes through the injectors, the additive “sweeps” through the inside, clearing away the grime.
In the end, all drivers would want: a perfect balance of great fuel mileage and overall performance. Think of your car’s fuel injectors as the valves connected to a living heart – it will never beat without life-giving blood.


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