Monday, August 10, 2015

Planning a Successful Refinery Turnaround

Turnarounds are the yearly shutdown of an oil or gas refinery in order to make way for inspection and repairs. A properly planned and executed turnaround will ensure that production for the rest of the year will go on smoothly and efficiently. However, a poorly planned one can be catastrophic not only for the oil company but the overall market as well.

Best Practices to Keep Your Fleet Well-Maintained

When your business owns a whole fleet of vehicles, it can be a huge responsibility to keep them in good condition and ready to do their job at all times. Fortunately, there are several steps you can do to ensure your cars and trucks are remain in top shape always. Here are a few examples:

Regular Inspections. One of the key things to remember is that vehicles experience a lot of wear-and-tear, whether they be a delivery van or long-haul truck. Tires get worn down and parts get broken. If you want to avoid accidents happening because of faulty parts or any breakdowns that can cause delays, you will want to implement regular inspections. These checks can identify broken or worn-down parts before they can cause problems.

Monday, August 3, 2015

How to Choose the Right Industrial Lubricant

To increase productivity and reduce downtime, plant managers naturally want their machinery and equipment operating at peak performance. However, many managers fail to see the importance of the proper type of lubrication for their operations. As a plant manager, you need to be aware that one the most effective ways for you to achieve ideal performance levels is by simply having the right lubricant for the right application.

General Purpose or Synthetic?

Industrial lubricant options can be sorted into two general categories, namely: general purpose and synthetic specialty lubricants. Making the choice between the two depends on whether your equipment needs to be lubricated at regular intervals, or if it needs to be lubricated “for life”.

It’s The Little Things: 3 Essential Auto Supplies

A car is made up of a lot of complex moving parts which, if left unattended, could lead to costly problems down the line. To keep them in good working condition, you're going to need to pay a visit to an automotive supply dealer regularly for a few essentials. Here are some examples of things you’ll want to pick up.
Degreasers. Keeping your engine clean ensures good performance. One of the essential items for   cleaning an engine is a degreaser; it helps remove the grease and grime that accumulates over time in the engine bay.