Monday, May 25, 2015

Refinery Turnaround and Fuel Supply

Refineries play an important role across different industries and the life of people in general. Basically, they take crude oil and then put it through a refining process to turn it into usable fuel – diesel, gasoline, and other petroleum-based products.

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep their operations going in an efficient manner. However, some major maintenance tasks can only be carried out if equipment is not in operation. Thus, a refinery turnaround is implemented at times. A turnaround is a planned periodic halt in operations (may be partial or total) of a plant to give way for maintenance, inspection, repairs, and other tasks that cannot be done while the plant is in operation.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Fuel Shortage a Problem All Over the World

By the end of last year, utility companies were warned of a then impending lower-than-average fuel supply, which put plants in danger of facing fuel shortages last winter. However, America wasn’t the only country afflicted with and in constant danger of fuel shortages, as countries, particularly in Asia and in the Middle East, had plants shutting down due to this problem.


Over 20 coal-fired plants in India were reported to be in danger of running low on fuel. However, the Indian government said that fuel shortages in the country, though considered a national problem, is nothing new, reassuring everyone that there was no reason to worry about blackouts.

Monday, May 11, 2015

4 Important Maintenance Tips for Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery are the backbone of many industries, including mining, agriculture, and construction. These necessary and expensive assets must be used to their maximum potential to perform such demanding labor. As such, they must be kept in good working order. Otherwise, costly breakdowns and compromised safety are the likely results. Here are three top tips for the maintenance of large machinery in your workplace:

Conduct frequent inspections
A regular checkup on the overall functionality and condition of your heavy equipment helps keep the standard performance of your equipment. Know what needs to be inspected and when.

Add and test lubricants regularly
Lubricants protect moving parts from friction. A good lubrication schedule prolongs the life of large machinery and parts. Have your lubricants checked by experts to indicate which equipment parts are close to breaking down.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Gear Up: Tips on Buying Automotive Supplies

Your car is made up of a lot of parts; even if only one part malfunctions, you’ll already have problems. For example, a faulty battery can make it difficult for you to start up your car. Here some tips on how to ensure you’re buying high-quality auto supplies:

  • Warranties. A warranty is very important. It may not seem much when it comes to small parts like tubing or clamps, but this can be important when the component is a more important one like a fuel pump or something similar. Ask your dealer what warranty they provide for the particular part you’re buying to make sure that you can have it replaced if it becomes faulty.