Monday, May 11, 2015

4 Important Maintenance Tips for Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery are the backbone of many industries, including mining, agriculture, and construction. These necessary and expensive assets must be used to their maximum potential to perform such demanding labor. As such, they must be kept in good working order. Otherwise, costly breakdowns and compromised safety are the likely results. Here are three top tips for the maintenance of large machinery in your workplace:

Conduct frequent inspections
A regular checkup on the overall functionality and condition of your heavy equipment helps keep the standard performance of your equipment. Know what needs to be inspected and when.

Add and test lubricants regularly
Lubricants protect moving parts from friction. A good lubrication schedule prolongs the life of large machinery and parts. Have your lubricants checked by experts to indicate which equipment parts are close to breaking down.

Make sure your operators are well-trained
Operator training is usually done once large machinery is purchased, but that doesn’t mean it ends there. Employees can become complacent, skills can become rusty, and poor operation can lead to problems in production, efficiency, and safety. That’s why training needs to be kept up. Make sure your operators undergo training regularly.

Don’t overburden your machines
Know your equipment’s stated performance and limitation specifications, and stay within those parameters. Knowing and abiding by the operational limits is key to optimal performance and yielding the best results for your efforts.


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