Friday, May 15, 2015

Fuel Shortage a Problem All Over the World

By the end of last year, utility companies were warned of a then impending lower-than-average fuel supply, which put plants in danger of facing fuel shortages last winter. However, America wasn’t the only country afflicted with and in constant danger of fuel shortages, as countries, particularly in Asia and in the Middle East, had plants shutting down due to this problem.


Over 20 coal-fired plants in India were reported to be in danger of running low on fuel. However, the Indian government said that fuel shortages in the country, though considered a national problem, is nothing new, reassuring everyone that there was no reason to worry about blackouts.


The sole power station of the Gaza Strip had reportedly ran out of fuel March last year, causing major blackouts throughout Gaza. They had it worse than India, for the fuel shortage caused daily blackouts among households in Gaza, which had around 1.8 million people.

There is something that can be learned from these instances of fuel shortages from other countries. For one, it’s important to have a reserve supply of fuel that can be used in emergencies, disaster or no disaster. Moreover, should a plant face problems with fuel shortage, it’s beneficial to rely on an on-site fuel service that can help bring back fuel, relieving the worry of not having sufficient fuel for your business.


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