Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tips on How to Get the Best Plant Turnaround Plans

Finding an oil company that can adequately satisfy a plant turnaround needs is quite challenging. It is always crucial to select a company that has enough experience in providing emergency fueling services for several years. Reputed oil firms allow customers to make an order online. Working with a well-established oil company enables a plant to run smoothly without any fear of shut-downs related to fuel shortages. Potential customers need to hire an oil company that provides 24/7 emergency delivery services to meet clients turnarounds needs.

The Importance of Proper Lubricant Storage and Handling

Let's face it: running an oil operation is hard work. There are literally a mountain of regulations that you must wade through in order to properly oversee the operation. If you are at the helm of this type of company, then there are some areas that can be easy to overlook but that could get you into serious trouble if you ignore. One of these areas would be in the realm of proper handling and storage of your lubricants. Here are some things you should keep in mind with the storage and handling of your lubricants:

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Big Trucks Keep on Running

Any time a truck and trailer are sitting still, money is seeping away. Yearly costs, like insurance, taxes and licensing are steadily climbing, with no end in sight. Without those loads to generate income, the balance sheet can turn red in a hurry. Diesel-powered engines and axles do not operate properly when they are not greased and lubed properly.

Providing Filters for Synthetic Oils

Motor shops and even car manufacturers everywhere are aware of car owners’ growing preference to synthetic oils. Some manufacturers even went as far as specifying the use of synthetic oils, and dealers can expect that more car owners are going to make the shift in the near future.