Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Big Trucks Keep on Running

Any time a truck and trailer are sitting still, money is seeping away. Yearly costs, like insurance, taxes and licensing are steadily climbing, with no end in sight. Without those loads to generate income, the balance sheet can turn red in a hurry. Diesel-powered engines and axles do not operate properly when they are not greased and lubed properly.

Caring for Equipment

Even though a semi-truck is engineered to be on the road daily, maintenance still has to be performed. Let one of those drive axles run dry on oil and you are looking at major repairs. Every maintenance procedure needs to be documented with the corresponding mileage. This is no time to guess on how many months or years have gone by since a truck has been serviced.

The Right Lubricants and Oils

Sticking with one product manufacturer will give better results than picking up a barrel of whatever happens to be on sale. The equipment will respond better, last longer between services and deliver better mileage. In searching for that perfect combination of quality lubricants and oils, check the background of the company. A supplier of lubricants should be closely linked to OEMs so there is a good understanding of what has changed in the engineering of each manufacturer.

Transportation is an important sector of the country and keeping quality lubricants and oils available for high mileage diesel-engine trucks help to keep equipment better maintained and keep the company in the green.


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