Monday, April 7, 2014

Tanker Trucks and Fuel Transportation

One of the primary duties of an oil company is to ensure the proper transportation of gasoline and other petroleum products. Since most people rely on fuel resources, it is essential that the fuel delivered to the company’s clients arrive safely and on time.

The common mode for transporting large quantities of fuel is through fuel trucks, also known as tankers. These tankers are specially designed with trailers that can carry gallons of liquid for easy transportation. Oil companies utilize multiple tankers for multiple clients. Depending on the quantity needed by customers, oil companies use different kinds of tankers in their business.

The function of each type of oil tanker is the same—to carry and secure loads of oil using its sealed tank and to transport these to a specific destination. The difference lies in the quantity of fuel the tanker transports. Oil tankers are classified into light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty tankers, depending on the maximum amount of fuel the tanker is allowed to carry and transport. These tanker types are allowed and capable of collecting and releasing the required amount of fuel solely for the purpose of securing and transporting the important cargo—and not for any other function.


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