Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Driven: Car Dealerships and Automotive Care

Automotive dealerships are like regular retail stores in some ways; the cars being sold in dealerships have to be well-maintained in the same way stores have to manage their stocks closely. However, while stocks in a store can be easily rotated and replenished, car dealerships can’t simply replace their units. Customers want to buy cars that work, so dealers need to keep their automobiles in working condition.

Some motorists believe auto maintenance begins the moment they purchase a car, yet it actually starts even earlier—as soon as the vehicle rolls off the production line. Once automobile dealerships get a hold of a new batch of cars, it’s up to the auto retailers to supply the vehicles with essentials such as liquid coolant, brake fluid, motor oil, and so on. Additionally, dealers will need to keep their units presentable for purchase, so they’ll need a wealth of window cleaning solutions, body wax, rust cleaners, and other car care products.

Unlike motorists, who purchase their auto maintenance supplies from specialty stores, dealerships acquire their products from specialty suppliers. Since dealers handle numerous automobiles on a daily basis, they’ll need stocks upon stocks of car supplies, and only through bulk suppliers can dealers acquire these important products wholesale. Dealerships typically have one or two suppliers at hand to immediately fix them up with much-needed supplies upon request.


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