Friday, April 4, 2014

Like Your Engine, Fuel Injectors Also Get Clogged

Your car cannot run without fuel, but fuel can’t reach your car’s engine without the help of fuel injectors. Of course, as experience will tell you, the longer you drive your car without cleaning it, the more likely dirt, iron fillings, and other particulates get mixed with the fuels, leading to engine clogs or worse. This explains the importance of engine cleaning and the usefulness of a reliable fuel injector cleaner.
Determining the best time to clean your car’s fuel injectors largely depends on mileage; an acceptable range is about 15,000 to 30,000 miles. However, your car may also need a fuel injector cleanup more often than most vehicles if it uses older pintle-style multiport injectors. In addition to that, cars that have a high mileage may need to be cleaned more often since their fuel injectors are likely to be “well-worn”.
As much as possible, you should let professional mechanics handle the cleaning process in your stead; the cleaning agent may not properly pass through the injectors if you poured it yourself. Aside from that, tests on CO emissions may need to be carried out to determine that your car’s fuel injectors are properly cleaned or not: something you likely will have no knowledge of.


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