Monday, September 22, 2014

Potential Fuel Injector Problems

When you’re stepping on the gas under normal conditions, the fuel injector works overtime to force-feed as much gas into the engine to increase power. Such delicate parts can be vulnerable in certain circumstances, some of which may require applying a fuel injector cleaner. Here are some potential issues affecting fuel injectors:

Main Engine Start
Sometimes the problems set in just as you turn on the ignition switch. For instance, starting the car may take several attempts, or the engine may act up when you attempt to start in the middle of winter. When the car does start, the process may also result in the exhaust suddenly blasting out white or black smoke, which could indicate carbon deposits.

Flayed Spray

There’s the possibility that your gas light would stay on even if you’ve already tanked up the car. This could be due to the injectors being swamped with carbon deposits; they could not properly spray the fuel inside the engine. You have a choice to clean the injector or replace it. An erratic spray may also contribute to a gradually decreasing mileage, or drop suddenly in power during critical moments of the drive. You may mix the fuel injector cleaner with the fuel after filling up the car with gas to de-clog the fuel spray line. 


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