Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fueling service on the go

Probably the most difficult aspect of working heavy equipment such as generators, cranes, bulldozers, heavy trucks, and more at a remote location is re-fueling. Traditionally, a construction firm would set up its own fuel and lubricant depot, but this has proven quite costly. So where does one find gas in the middle of nowhere? The answer lies with on site fuel service.

Always prepared
The on site service provider does more than just pump gas. They ensure vehicles and machinery are prepped the night before or when they aren’t in use. This helps identify any potential mechanical problems while saving time and money since there is no longer a need to drive around to look for a service station.

Improved safety
As mentioned earlier, companies had to store fuel and lubricants on site back in the day. Any place that stores volatile chemicals poses a safety threat to the environment, as well as all personnel. On site services eliminates the need for storage, thereby avoiding safety hazards such as chemical spills.  The construction crew can focus on their tasks while the on-site service crew does their job.

Better bottom line

This strategy frees your skilled personnel from the task of fueling equipment, resulting in higher productivity and efficiency. On-site providers are professionally trained to calculate how much fuel would be needed for the days and weeks ahead. No wastage and more savings for the company.  Who’d have thought that the gas station would come to the car?


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