Thursday, September 18, 2014

No Battery Acid on My Garage

It can be fun working in a garage, whether it’s your own at home or a professional tuner shop. However, the presence of automotive fluids on the floor is all but unavoidable, and among those fluids, battery acid presents a serious danger to your skin. An automotive supplies dealer can provide special floor cleaners for you, which eliminate battery acid. The trick is how to apply them.

Safety first is a maxim no one should ignore – and this involves wearing protective gear such as goggles, rubber boots, gloves, and facemask. You also have to clear the area of any debris.

A spraying system must be utilized to help spread the floor cleaner over a larger area, but try testing the chemical for its effectiveness on a small spot first. Concentrate as well on areas where acid stains are evident – concrete surfaces with white stains, in particular, are proof that the acid reacted with the minerals in the concrete. Allow the cleaner to set in before scrubbing off the stains with a brush and washing them off with water.

You cannot allow the water runoff from the rinse to reach sewage. Prepare a collection system to gather the runoff in a container and bring it to a recycling center.

Battery acid is lethal when touched on the garage floor; it could burn skin. Make an effort to clean up the place before anyone else goes traipsing in your garage. 


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