Friday, July 4, 2014

Fuel Injector Cleaner: When is it Appropriate?

Experts remain divided on the issue of exactly when fuel injector cleaners should be used or if they are necessary at all. The truth is, the appropriateness of using a fuel injector cleaner depends on the vehicle’s history and condition. Here are three situations when the product is recommended:

Use of Poor Quality Fuels
When a vehicle frequently runs on poor quality gas, a lot of carbon deposits can accumulate in the fuel injectors. Cheap gas stations are common sources of dirty, watered-down gasoline with little engine-protecting detergents.

Destructive Driving Styles
When a vehicle frequently takes short trips or makes stops, more fuel debris can accumulate and stick to the engine. This occurs whenever the automobile frequently idles or gets turned off. Heavy stop-and-go traffic situations are the usual culprits.

Poor Vehicle Maintenance
When a vehicle’s fuel filter does not get changed regularly, accumulated debris and deposits will circulate throughout the engine. Going 10,000 miles or more without proper vehicle maintenance can also lead to dirtier engines.

These three factors can lead to clogs in the fuel injector and result in poor fuel economy or fouling problems. Unfortunately, faulty and severely clogged injectors can be expensive to replace.

With the proper application of a quality fuel injector cleaner, however, a vehicle’s fuel efficiency and overall performance can be improved and observed in as fast as 15 minutes after successfully running the cleaner. The need for costly replacements can consequently be minimized.


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