Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Clean Fuel Injectors Mean Good Vehicle Performance

Even with the best cleaning and maintenance services available, it’s practically impossible to keep a vehicle completely free from dirt and grime. Why? That’s because gasoline itself is not entirely pure. It contains plenty of heavy, waxy compounds and additives that leave behind deposits once the fuel residue in the fuel injector finally evaporates.

These deposits may seem insignificant at first, but over time, they contribute to engine problems like starting failures, so-called engine knocking, and higher fuel consumption. Fuel companies seek to address this by adding detergents, but this remedy may not work on frequently used vehicles. For this reason, service stations and automotive dealerships alike need to be ready for when their customers need to get their fuel injectors cleaned.
Normally, fuel injectors need to be cleaned after accumulating 25,000 in mileage. Then again, lapses in fuel performance could also indicate that the injectors already need cleaning. Mechanics can intervene by thoroughly inspecting the vehicle’s fuel lines.

Meanwhile, motorists should also learn how to distinguish between fuel injector cleaners designed for minor clogs and those that deal with extensive blockages. If the deposits found inside the injector are too hard, then the problem calls for the services of a professional.


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