Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Clearing up Misconceptions about Battery Acid

Automotive experts say distilled water is a good alternative to standard battery acid. As distilled water has most, if not all, of its impurities removed, it's safe to top up batteries with it. Some even suggest tap water, but this is ill-advised since not all areas have clean tap water. Despite many online sources recommending distilled water, the subject is still up for debate.

The distilled water trick works if the battery still has some acid left. Battery acid is diluted sulfuric acid, and the ratio of 65 percent water and 35 percent battery acid must be maintained for a battery to work. The right formulation prevents the cells from overheating as the water evaporates and likewise generates power for the vehicle.

In any case, this doesn't mean battery acid has no use anymore. Keep in mind that brand-new batteries are totally devoid of any fluid. It's important to add battery acid and distilled water for it to work. Remember to keep the acid at the proper amount as too much of it can ruin the cells. Experts recommend adding battery acid only once per empty battery.

Who buys an empty battery when the market sells batteries all tanked up? The sellers of these batteries, of course. Battery acid is more commonly marketed to auto suppliers and repair shops whose expertise enables safe and expert handling of this corrosive substance. As long as batteries lose their charge capacity, battery acid will be needed to fuel new batteries. 


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