Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Stock up on Fuel, Automotive Lubricants

Being in the automotive business means understanding your products well, including the parts and components that keep them together. You want the confidence that comes when you are selling top goods because they come from top brands, but you also want to know you have great products that maintain them. As an automotive dealer, supplies retailer, or oil change shop, how well do you know your lubricants?

You need lubricants in stock for your fleet of cars or trucks, along with fuel and oil. Without them, you’ll surely never expect to get top performance even from your most expensive or reliable vehicles.

Your motor oil varies in thickness or viscosity; the thinner the oil, the smaller the viscosity—and clearer the flow. Friction, however, is just as important. The value of top-grade lubricant is to control the friction and hold off wear and tear. Many auto manufacturers suggest a multi-grade motor oil, such as 5W-30, to maintain a level of viscosity that allows for performance whether the oil is cold or heats up.

Gear oil requires high temperature lubrication for the vehicle’s differential and manual transmission, while transmission fluid helps grease all the moving parts in the transmission. Moreover, the lubricant also maintains the seal (it is brightly colored to help spot leaks) and prevents corrosion while also cooling the parts.

Automotive lubricants stretch out the life of your equipment and vehicle. When you run low of any of the essential substances like lubricants, especially on busy days when you’re likely to close a sale, information on top-quality fuel and oil suppliers who will deliver the goods to your dealership or shop, even on emergencies, should very well come in handy.


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