Friday, November 13, 2015

Saving Money on Your Fleet Truck Fueling

Having a fleet of trucks that can help you with your business might sound very promising, but this can also spell disaster if you do not know how to manage it well; and one of the areas that would need particular attention would be the amount of fuel that you have to get on a regular basis.

Saving money as far as fuel consumption is concerned can easily be done with the help of a few well written policies as well as technologies that can help fleet managers monitor how much they are spending. When it comes to the former, consider the following:

Communication is the key.

Once you have come up with a policy, you need to make sure that everyone is in the same page. This would mean sending out emails and memos so that each employee would know how to handle certain situation.

Consider the alternative.

Some of the other ways by which you can save on fuel, one of these is by using an onsite fuel service. As the name implies, an onsite fuel service does away with the need for your truck drivers to go and find the nearest fueling station. Keep in mind that the time it takes for the driver would also equate to fuel consumption as well as waste of time.

Be particular about the brands.

If you are after maintaining consistency in the quality as well as in the price of the fuel and other consumable, you can mandate your drivers to make use only of a specific brand. You can have an agreement with service stations and have them charge your company directly instead of providing your drivers with cash or card that they can use.


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