Monday, September 14, 2015

Preparing and Saving the Kerosene Stocks

Kerosene is one of the abundant products available from your preferred onsite fuel service provider. Its uses include heating and lighting fuel for lamps, as well as outboard motors. Being able to store all the kerosene stocks you acquire, however, requires a great deal of finesse and knowledge, especially when preparing for emergencies. 


Many fuel specialists vouch for kerosene’s ease of storage options. One prime element of such containers is that the every unit must meet approved federal and local fire standards. While they must be sealed to prevent contamination, they must have adequate ventilation.

If you’re planning on stockpiling kerosene for the long haul, you will need 55-gallon blue drums that will be marked accordingly. Smaller plastic containers are also viable as long as they are blue or have labelling to identify the content as such. Glass containers such as large glass bottles are out of the question; in addition to the danger of accidental ingestion, kerosene might explode due to the glass conducting the radiant heat.

Where to Store

Many fire code regulations across the country mandate storing kerosene in secure outdoor locations such as a shed. If your kerosene stocks are in drums, they must be stashed horizontally and braced to prevent slippage. No flammable items must be nearby.


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