Monday, September 7, 2015

Industrial Lubricants: On Turbine Oil Longevity

Rotating in high speed, machinery turbines are supported by bearings prevented from grinding against each other only by thin layers of oil. Such a mechanism is a common sight in all power plants around the world. In the event that the lubricant runs out, though, significant damage can occur to the turbine’s bearings due to the abrupt change in speed. This type of incident calls for months of outage repairs, impairing production and leading to the loss of millions’ worth of revenue (especially during demand peaks and spikes).

How long does turbine oil last, actually? Suppliers would say around 5 to 15 years, but a lot of factors have to be considered for a more accurate estimate. Aside from operating hours and maintenance practices, another important variable that determines turbine oil longevity is oil quality itself. High-grade oil can endure extreme heat for a longer period of time to inhibit premature wear on turbine parts.

When purchasing turbine oil, opt for a product that has undergone proper testing and maintenance.  Whether it’s a high-temperature gas turbine system or a combo with integral gearing, choose a lubricant that won’t only protect your machine from corrosion but which can also minimize the accumulation of deposits in the bearings and control valves, helping reduce your equipment’s maintenance and repair.


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