Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Retail Fuel Vendors Need Emergency Fuel Supplies in Case of Shortages

Fuel shortages are not uncommon and can strike anytime. There will always be major triggers that cannot be accounted for in advance—say, an intense natural disaster such as a surprisingly strong hurricane. In these situations, much attention is placed on the price and availability of fuel. One example would be Hurricane Sandy a few years back, which caused a lot of destruction and, in the aftermath, a serious fuel shortage. During these times, emergency fuel delivery service providers spring into action to address the needs of beleaguered fuel retailers and take some weight off their shoulders. When disturbances take place, retailers are prone to changes in the availability of products as well as unstable wholesale prices. Prices may go up drastically, and enforced allocations may be put in place. Complicating matters is that people rush out to fill up and accumulate stock when there are fears of shortage, which can leave fuel suppliers empty.


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