Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How to Avoid Refinery Turnaround Failures

Refinery turnarounds are scheduled events of ceased production and total shutdown to perform maintenance, repairs, inspections and other processes to ensure the safety and reliability of the facility in the future. When turnarounds are not planned properly, it could cause a staggering negative impact on the company. To avoid failures, an effective system must be implemented. 

Planning Ahead

A successful refinery turnaround involves a great deal of planning and work. Without a proper plan, a refinery turnaround can be disastrous, leading to millions in expenses. It not only affects the company but the oil and gas industry as well, reducing production and sales.

Hiring Trusted Contractors

Hiring contractors with good reputations can help eliminate the possibility of turnaround failures. Contractors will be the main workforce during this period. This means that you should only hire those with sufficient knowledge and good work ethics for your partnership to work. It is best to involve them in the planning process as well.

Paying the Right Amount

Turnarounds cost a lot of money, what with the production being shut down and all. Some may think that they should lower expenses more by reducing labor costs. This is not ideal since it would increase the period of ceased production, adding further expenses in the long run. Hire the appropriate amount of workers to get the job done in time.


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