Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Choosing an Onsite Fuel Service Provider

If you run a business that operates a lot of machinery, you must always have fuel prepared as running out in the middle of operations will be a big problem. Having your own on-site storage, however, is not that good an idea because of two factors:

High expenses
Possible liability

What would be a better course of action? Enter onsite fuel service. This service benefits construction sites, strip center sites, leased property sites, temporary job sites, refrigeration units, truck fleets, and retail fuel suppliers.

Here are some things to look for in an onsite fuel service provider:

Fuel Choices – Go for a provider with a good selection so you can choose the fuel types appropriate for your machines.

Unleaded gasoline: Lead has been phased out as an additive to gasoline a long time ago due to environmental concerns.
On-road Diesel: If you have vehicles that would run on the road, you must use this type.
Off-road Diesel: This type of diesel has a lower price but can only be used by vehicle and equipment that won’t be used on the road. The lower price is due to its exemption from fuel taxes.

Emergency Services – A provider with a 24/7 service can save you when you run out even outside the “normal” hours.

Customizable Services – One machine might have different needs from the next. A provider that can cater their services to your exact needs is a good choice.


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