Thursday, January 9, 2014

When using synthetic oil for your car’s tranny

If you are running down the road in a well-performing car, it’s almost second nature to want to pop the clutch, and shift gears so you can go faster. However, you wouldn’t like it when the transmission strains as you upshift or downshift. If your shifts are a little rough, you might want to try using synthetic transmission fluid shift next time you visit the repair shop for maintenance.
So why should you use synthetic, you may ask? First up, a synthetic transmission fluid is designed to remain consistent across a wider temperature range. It ensures that the liquid still protects and lubricates the parts even after much stress is placed on the transmission. The chemical will also help the gearshifts go smoothly.
Some auto experts note that a synthetic transmission fluid has the ability to further prevent wear and tear down the line. For instance, the chemical composition of many synthetic lubricants protect the parts against rust and corrosion as a result of oxidation. Synthetic tranny fluids are also designed to last longer than regular petroleum-based products, reducing the frequency of a change at the neighborhood service station.

Shifting to synthetic transmission oil can be one of the best moves you make for your car. Check your vehicle owner’s manual if the manufacturer recommends it.


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