Monday, January 6, 2014

How do Fuel Injector Cleaners Work?

Ever since the carburetor, fuel injectors have become the essential mechanisms that introduce fuel into the internal combustion engine of an automotive. It uses electromagnetic energy to squirt the fuel from the valve to the engine. However as with any moving vehicle component, the effect of this fuel to the interiors of the injector places it in danger of wear over time.

The solvent property of gasoline allows it to break apart huge chunks of material that has been chemically bonded into tiny, microscopic particles. When these particles stick to some parts of the injector system, however, they can start to accumulate and develop into an amber-colored varnish.

This varnish could be one of the main contributors that cause the injectors to get worn down and regularly be in need of repairs. It causes moving particles to stick together, blocks passages and filters, and form large chunks that can lodge in the fuel injector’s needle-valve seat, thereby altering the assembly’s spray pattern.

The Cleaner
Fuel injector cleaners aim to prevent these issues by clearing the rubble and breaking them down. These commercial cleaners typically have much more efficient solvent properties than gasoline, so you can be assured that using the appropriate concentration of the solution should get rid of the harmful effects of varnish inside your fuel injectors.


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