Friday, June 5, 2015

Try Apache Oil Company’s Quality Refinery Turnaround Fueling Programs

Plant turnarounds are routine maintenance measures taken by the company in order to upgrade, renovate, or prevent any disasters. Such steps are necessary to guarantee that the refinery will continue its safe operation in the future. However, when a plant is in turnaround, there are substantial effects on the area’s fuel supply. To prevent any imbalances or shortages, refineries should minimize their downtime by getting emergency fueling services tailored for successful plant turnaround. Through Apache Oil Company’s fueling programs, we can take over your entire turnaround operations or design a custom process for getting services needed at the plant. We offer three types of fuel: no-lead gasoline, on-road diesel, and off-road diesel. Our employees also use the latest tools to assist with the turnaround like construction equipment, compressors, stationary fuel tanks, generators, vehicles, and welding machines.


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