Monday, April 6, 2015

Using the Right Tools and Supplies for Carburetor Cleaning

The carburetor is one of the most important parts of cars that don’t make use of fuel injectors. It is responsible for mixing air and fuel for internal combustion in the engine. Although newer cars have fuel injectors to replace carburetors, classic cars still make use of them. If you’re a classic car owner, it is a must to properly maintain and clean the carburetor to make sure that the car runs at its best using only the right tools and supplies.
1.    Supplies
The first thing you need is a carburetor cleaner which you can get from automotive supply dealers. A carburetor cleaner can remove the clog which causes problems like backfiring, low acceleration power and air locks. Regular cleaning is a must to ensure that the carburetor can regulate the engine combustion properly.
2.    Tools
As for the tools, you won’t need anything you can’t already find in your toolbox. You only need a crosshead or flathead screwdriver, a pair of long nose pliers, a flexible hose and a can of compressed air. Using these tools, you can disassemble the carburetor to allow for in-depth cleaning. Remember to always disconnect it first from the fuel line.
Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the carburetor, you can reassemble it again and put it back in the car. Make doubly sure that it is correctly reattached for better function and prolonged life of your car’s engine.


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