Sunday, January 25, 2015

Keep Your Construction Machines Fueled and Running

Trucks, compressors, generators, and task-specific equipment that run on fuel are common in all kinds of construction or rehabilitation sites. Some pieces of heavy machinery require fueling every 3 to 4 hours, making fuel management a challenging task. Since the global cost of fuel fluctuates constantly, many companies usually struggle when it comes to maximizing their fuel consumption.  Here are some ways to get the best value from your onsite fuel service.

Assess your site needs.

A site that utilizes small to medium pieces of equipment won’t require as much fuel as one using heavy movers like cranes and bulldozers. Order the right amount of fuel according to your needs.  Large sites often use a fuel tank equipped with secure pumps to prevent theft or pilferage.

Make arrangements with an on-site fuel delivery provider.

Instead of wasting time having employees make long trips to a gas station, have the fuel brought on-site. Experienced fuel providers can deliver any time of the day or night and on weekends with tankers that can carry both gasoline and diesel fuel. Lastly, for sites with fleet requirements, inquire if the provider is able to fuel vehicles the night before the arrival of drivers. 

Keep track of your usage with technology.

Fuel suppliers typically have ways to monitor their clients’ fuel consumption. Make sure to ask for usage statistics for documentation and as means to evaluate your fuel management in terms of cost efficiency. These reports are also valuable for accounting and data management purposes.


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