Friday, December 5, 2014

Saving Up on the Gas On-site

Construction companies use up a lot of fuel for their various tasks, from transporting building materials to powering up generators for nighttime use when the main grid is out. Even if you have a ready on-site fuel service to top off your team’s vehicles for the work ahead, some issues can still nag at managers and work crews alike. You can solve these with a number of handy tips.

Protect the Tanks!
The fuel stocks your company secures for the fleet are highly vulnerable and dangerously volatile. With that in mind, implement tight safety precautions against exposure to inflammable objects within a certain radius of the fuel containers. This means that no smoking employees can even light up anywhere near them. Consider a reliable delivery and fuel monitoring mechanism to protect the stocks against pilferage; some managers believe this happens all the time but nobody talks.

Crew Management

Your management team does recognize the value of taking vehicles off the line for some downtime and refueling. This doesn’t mean that their operators can take a break at their leisure, though. Plan work schedules so that the operator of one machine out on downtime can be reassigned to other duties. Automated tracking also helps which person was on duty and the amount of fuel slated for their vehicle.

An efficient use of fuel siphoned to vehicles ready to go can increase productivity on-site. That way, your project has more chances of finishing ahead of schedule.


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