Wednesday, August 6, 2014

GOJO Hand Cleaner Products Make Cleaning Up Oil, Dirt, and Grease Easy

"Being a company that deals with grease, oil, and heavy lubricants on a daily basis, we understand firsthand just how tough these materials can be to remove at the end of a day’s work. This also gives us the opportunity to test the product ourselves and, as with the other products we offer, know that we are providing our customers with the value they deserve. To find out more about the range of chemicals and cleaners we offer, visit the Chemicals and Cleaners page listed under the Products drop-down on the header menu. The page lists just some of the products we have on offer, but prospective customers looking for a little more information can use the various contact channels we list on our website to reach us, and our staff would be happy to assist with your inquiries. Also, feel free to ask us about receiving a free price quote on any of the automotive dealer supplies we offer."


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