Monday, June 2, 2014

Construction Site Tips: Recovering from a Tornado

The frequency of tornadoes in Texas can be handful to deal with for people working in the construction business. A single storm can delay a project for months. Luckily, you can help speed up the recovery process by following these simple tips:

Craft a Safety Assessment Plan

From start to finish, worker safety should be your priority. After a severe storm, make sure that all overhangs and beams are properly dried and stable. Any compromised structure should be taken or torn down ASAP to prevent the risk of falling debris.

Prepare Heavy Machinery in Advance

You should have heavy machinery like loaders prepared ahead of time. Quick access to these machines allows you to immediately clear debris and get back to work faster.

If you’re working on a large-scale project, you may also want to keep the number of an on-site fuel delivery service in your back pocket. This service provides a steady fuel supply, and lets the machines work non-stop.

Secure Hanging Objects

Tornadoes often show up in late May until the mid-summer months. If you have an on-going project during this period, listen to tornado watches every day.

The moment you hear that there is a chance of a tornado, secure hanging objects in your site. If you can afford to take down some of these objects, do so. Falling objects can damage lower-level structures, which can force you to restart the entire project.


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