Monday, May 12, 2014

The Advantages of Using Synthetic Oil in Your Vehicle

When you drive your car into the service station to have an oil change, you’re often presented with the decision of what lubricant to use in your engine. The two choices are synthetic and conventional oil. The latter refers to oil that is processed from crude oil, which comes direct from the pipeline. The former refers to oil that originates from already processed and refined oil.

There is a definite advantage to using synthetic oils, though. Engines using them are protected more from friction damage. This is because of the uniformity of molecules in their mix. Conventional motor oil is not as refined and thus has different molecule sizes. This cause problems when the engine parts rub each other; with uniform molecules, the contact is smoother and less friction is created, while variance between them can increase the chance of friction.

Synthetic oil was designed for engine work. This means it helps an engine function its best. It does this by being able to withstand the temperature extremes found within a modern engine, helping it to be as efficient as possible.

Synthetic oil also lasts longer more than other motor oils. Because of the way it is refined, it has less of the impurities found in regular motor oil that can cause its quick degradation. This results in less oil changes for your car. With all of these advantages, make the right choice the next time you pull into a service station to have your vehicle serviced.


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